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Tokai University Museum of Natural History


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I don't think anyone has posted about this museum, but the Tokai University Museum of Natural History is a local museum near my family's hometown in Shimizu, Shizuoka, Japan.


This is a museum that I visited a lot of a kid, but I was told that the museum as well as the aquarium here was going to close to the public sometime around March of this year? Haven't been here in like 15 years, so I figured I should go one last time before it closes down. You can also get a discount for tickets at convenience stores.


It's not a huge museum, but there was some oddities. Also, some of the labels here are either outdated, or . . . a bit odd.




Cetiosaurus statue



Species: Pterichthyodes milleri and Pterichthys milleri

Locale: Scotland, United Kingdom


These are the same exact thing right? It's clear the labels for these were printed at different times.


Species: Pleuracanthus sp.

Locale: Germany



Species: Scutosaurus karpinskii, Dicynodon amahtyku, Inostrancevia alezandri, Estemmenosuchus uralensis

Casts from Russia.




Species: Sauropoda indet. (?)

Locale: Alberta, Canada (???)


They refer to is as possibly being Apatosaurus but . . .
You used to be able to touch this fossil, which is what that covered up section in on the information. Not sure if this is pandemic related, or they figured it wasn't a great idea somewhere down the line.


Species: Tarbosaurus baatar (Cast)

Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Original in Russia, which likely explains all the specimens after this one that aren't casts.



Oospecies: Protoceratopsidovum fluxuosum

Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia



Species: Protoceratops sp.
Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia



Species: Gallimimus sp.
Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia



Species: Protoceratops sp. and Psittacosaurus sp.
Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia



Species: Deinodon tidoe (???)
Locale: カプサイ (Kapusai?), Russia



Good old Deinodon. Age is listed as 97-65 MYA. Not sure where Kapusai, Capsai, Capusai is.  Everything about the label looks like a mess, but probably the most interesting piece I saw. I spent the longest time just looking at this specimen. I'm sure as a kid, I just walked right past it to look at all the big skeletons. But coming back here as a collector made me see this place in a new perspective.


Species: Tarbosaurus baatar
Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia



Species: Saurolophus angustirostris
Locale: Gobi Desert, Mongolia




Species: Arcuaeogeryon peruvianus
Locale: Uruguay

Nothing comes up for this species or genus other than this specific specimen, so it's probably way outdated or was not right from the start. Or it is a spelling mistake. I know a lot of obscure genera don't come up if you mess up even a single letter.



Species: Coelacanthus banffensis

Locale: Canada



Species: Carcharocles Otodus megalodon
Locale: Atacama Desert, Chili

Species: Carcharodon carcharias (Great White Shark)
Locale: Kakegawa, Shizuoka, Japan


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It's a shame it is planning to close.



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14 minutes ago, Flx said:

Thank you for the tour. Some of the pieces are really cool. 


I am pretty sure this is not an Apatosaurus femur though...

Yeah. The ID's on some of these are a bit wonky. :BigSmile:

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