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Burmite amber Spider ID Mosquito ID


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I guess the dipteran is some type of culicomorph (a group which contains midges and mosquitoes). Mosquitoes as we know them are so rare in burmite (I have never seen one), though vendors and others use the term indiscriminately. The specimen isn't well preserved and probably wouldn't be worth much investigating.

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Real Mosquitos in ambers are extremely rare.
There is always fight with "auction" sellers that calling typical Diptera as "mosquito". Common midges like Chironomidae ( True Midges ), Ceratopogonidae ( Biting Midges ), Crane Flies ( Common Limoniidae for example ) or Fungus Gnats ( Mycetophilidae ) or Sciaridae ( Dark Winged Fungus Gnats )

Real Culicidae Culex are characteristic but there is major morphology knowledge needed. Most simple detail is - huge proboscis ( for sucking blood ). And specific antennaes.

Here is tutorial made by my friend - i was help with it and he used some of my pictures.

Your specimen to me is not a mosquito but details are not well seen anyway ( Antena + possible proboscis ).

I attach photos of true mosquito ( Culicidae Culex ) from Baltic Amber. I had only 3 pieces in my life.

Cheers from the amber cave.




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Sorry, i have no idea about spider ( its not easy to ID them ).

For me its still NOT a mosquito. Better pics needed anyway.

Now on online auction site com you can search for mosquito in burmite and we got more than 100 resoults... and all of them are100% Diptera "flies"

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