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Examples of fossilized fungus.

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Fossilized mushrooms come up from time to time on the ID forum and I was wondering what fossil fungi are known. Let me know if I'm leaving any significant examples out.


Fungal rot in petrified wood:

Fungal damage in fossil wood. A. Longitudinal view of spindle-shaped pocket rot in unidentified conifer wood; NRMS004111. B. Longitudinal view of rot with remnant ellipsoid segments in the heartwood of an unidentified conifer; NRMS004116. C. Nothofagoxylon scalariforme Gothan (1908), wood with opaque spherules reminiscent of bacterial clots clustered in vessels and fibres; NRMS004067-01. D. Transverse section of Agathoxylon pseudoparenchymatosum (Gothan) Pujana et al. (2014), showing darkened elliptical zone of fungal or bacterial degradation; NRMS004052-02. E. Transverse section of Podocarpoxylon aparenchymatosum Gothan (1908), wood showing zones of pocket rot along consecutive growth rings; NRMS004109. F. Transverse section of tracheids in secondary wood of P. aparenchymatosum showing spherical bodies possibly representing fungal reproductive bodies; NRMS004109-05. Scale bars = 10 mm in A, B; 1 mm in E; 500 µm in D; 50 µm in C; 20 µm in F.


Polyporites wardii

Petrified Wood Slabs - Member Collections - The Fossil Forum



Fungus trapped in amber:

Fungi trapped in amber—a fossil legacy frozen in time ...


Parasitic fungus erupting from an ant in amber:

New Fungal Genus and Species


Mushroom in shale:

Musrhoom fossil.jpg


Rhynie chert microfossils (and similar microfossils at Gray in TN):

Fungi and fungal interactions in the Rhynie chert: a review ...


Prototaxites, the giant (30') tree-like fungus of the ordovicadian:

Prototaxites apex.jpg

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