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Croc or dino? Tiouraren formation, Niger

Per Christian

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Per Christian

Here is a tooth, 4.7 cm long. It's listed as being from the tiouraren formation, but i know things can get mixed between elrhaz and tiouraren. The tooth is listed as afrovenator, bit it looks a bit croc like to me.. it's quite worn and i think i see serrations on the distal end, but I'd like another opinion 





Screenshot_20230127-195039.png  Screenshot_20230127-195044.png


Screenshot_20230127-195055.png  Screenshot_20230127-195104.png


Screenshot_20230127-195112.png  Screenshot_20230127-195116.png


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Afrovanator is a meglosaurid so you have to determine the extent of travel of the outside serrations.   So thats an important characteristics to understand to try to ID it.  The tooth looks more like theropod especially if you see serrations. 

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