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Bernard Stürtz (1845-1928) fossil dealer

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Anyone know if the fossil dealer Bernard Stürtz (1845-1928) from Bonn, Germany had a fossil catalogue.

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never heard... As he lived in Bonn and published about devonian asteroids and more, perhaps the University of Bonn knows something. They have a huge collection of fossils from old collections and old literature / books. Might be Krantz (Dr. F. Krantz Mineralienkontor, Home (krantz-online.de)) know. They started in the 19.th century with fossil dealing and work near Bonn. So, perhaps they have a similar history.


I found a notice in Svojtka_2002.pdf about Stuertz. See pg. 62, there was noticed:


Auf dem Voretikett ist in vielen Fällen eine Nummer vermerkt (bei den meisten Stücken im Bereich von 543 – 580), bei der es sich höchstwahrscheinlich um eine Bestellnummer aus dem historischen Händlerkatalog handeln dürfte. ♦ Ankauf datiert mit I.1892: 2 Exemplare von Trinucleus sp. (2869/310, 2869/321; [14]) aus dem mittleren Ordovicium von Wales / England


deepl: In many cases the pre-label has a number on it (in the range of 543 - 580 for most pieces). 
543 - 580), which is most likely an order number from the historical dealer's 
from the historical dealer's catalogue. 

♦ Purchase dated I.1892: 2 specimens of Trinucleus sp. (2869/310, 2869/321; [14]) 
from the Middle Ordovician of Wales / England


another notice

Stürtz, B. | Ernst Haeckel Online Briefedition (uni-jena.de)


"den letzten Catalog sende ich anbei" (find enclosed the last catalogue)


so, looks like some exist

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Thank you for your reply, I'm focusing on Bernards distribution and sale of fossils all around Europe on behalf of the famous Alfred Leeds Nicholson from Alfred's collection itself.




It is said the Alfred's son Edward Furlow Leeds knew Bernard Stürtz better than anyone.


So, trying to find more information about his dealings with Alfred Leeds Nicholson.


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good luck..., I will ask around if someone has more infos about, interesting project

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