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Interest in the 2024 North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC)

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Just trying to reach as many people as possible with this notice.  This email went out to many clubs and individuals but we are sure we did not reach everyone.



Friends of the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology

The 2024 North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC) will take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 17-24, 2024, hosted by the University of Michigan. The Friends of the University of Michigan, Museum of Paleontology (FUMMP) have been tasked with coordinating events and participation by Avocational Paleontologists. This will be an excellent opportunity to not only explore Paleontology generally, but an opportunity to interact with the professionals and share the significance of our contributions to the Science. In particular, we are looking for avocational paleontologists who are interested in presenting their collecting and research activities as well as network with professionals and participate in field trips.

The conference, of course, is not free to attendees and so it is important to secure funding to assist avocational participants. Thus, we really need your feedback on who would be interested in attending generally, and specifically, who would be interested in presenting at a session to explore the interaction between Vocational and Avocational Paleontologists. This will be a great opportunity to demonstrate our important contributions.

We are not looking for firm commitments at this time but rather a general sense of interest as we understand that without financial assistance many who would like to attend and participate would not be able to. That said, the University of Michigan must submit its funding proposal a year in advance of the Conference. Thus, time is of the essence and all those interested must respond before the end of May 2023.
Please share this information with your club members and other interested parties.  You may respond to this email and/or feel free to contact either of the undersigned directly for more information.

Thank you for your assistance in this important project!
Michael Lask
President, FUMMP
Phone: (248) 763-0901
Email: laskmike@gmail.com and fummpinfo@gmail.com 

David Clark
Vice-President, FUMMP
Phone: (517) 861-0118
Email: clarkeocrinus@gmail.com

Website: https://lsa.umich.edu/paleontology/friends-of-the-museum.html
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