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Can't decide on this ID

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Another find from the Peace River, FL last week.  Upon first look I thought it was a very worn Tapir tooth.  When I got it home I started to think the center was too hollowed out to be Tapir.  Searching on line and in the Forum galleries I got the idea it might be Manatee or Dugong.  I keep going back and forth between Tapir and Manatee so finally decided to get opinions from the group here.


Measurements of crown:

1" x 7/8" x 6/8" (at highest point)


23mm x 21mm x 17mm


This first view is what has me thinking Manatee or Dugong 





Then this one has me leaning to Tapir




Last two views:






All opinions are appreciated.  Thanks!






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This is not a tooth. No enamel, and cancellous bone in the last picture is visible. Looks, based on pic 2, to be a phalange I think. And the only phalanges I know that look that weird are sloth. @Harry Pristis @Shellseeker

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Harry Pristis

For comparison:



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