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More 3-toed horse teeth for ID - Florida.

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@fossillarry, sorry to do this to you, again. Picked up a bunch of 3-toed teeth for cheap today from the Tampa Bay Fossil fest, and most need an ID.

#7 and #10 are from Polk County phosphate mines, and #8 is from Bone Valley (Courtesy of @Family Fun who gave it to me). #11 is from the Peace. The rest I’ve got no clue on.


@Shellseeker I know you like 3-toed teeth - I think you’ll enjoy seeing #10.


All measurements are in mm, and are width by height of the occlusal surface:

1) 14x12 - C. ingenuum?


2) 15x13 



3) 21.5x20.5



4) 16.2x14.2



5) 18x14.5



6) 18x16.4



7) 14x12.4



8) 17.3x16 - N. Aztecus?



9) 18.5x10 - N. Aztecus?



10) 17.4mm long. This was labelled N. minor - which I believe was renamed to N. morgani



11) 26.3mm long. Because of 10, and recently finding out that Equus canines are much bigger than I thought - I wanted to revisit this as a 3-toed canine:



Thanks in advance!


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So Hulbert corrected me in that N. minor was actually renamed to N. Aztecus, not N. morgani. So if @fossillarry is able to confirm if ~18mm makes sense for a N. Aztecus canine, (And possibly ID the other teeth!) that would be awesome. 

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Doing my own research here, tentative guesses/IDs seem to be:

  1. C. Ingenuum
  2. ?
  3. C. Plicatile
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. Cormohipparion sp. - not sure which
  7. Pseudohipparion sp. - not sure which
  8. N. Aztecus
  9. N. Aztecus
  10. N. Aztecus?
  11. Cormohipparion sp?


@fossillarry can you confirm/fill in the gaps? Thanks so much!

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So emailed Richard for help (And resources) - and he got back to me:

1. Cormohipparion emsliei left M1 or M2 (Cormhipparion ingenuum is also possible but less likely)

2. Neohipparion eurystyle left M1 or M2 (protocone relatively short for this species, but all other characters fit)

3. Cormohipparion plicatile left P3 or P4

4. Nannippus aztecus left M3

5. Cormohipparion plicatile right M3

6. Cormohipparion emsliei or ingenuum left M1 or M2

7. Pseudhipparion curtivallum right M1 or M2

8. Cormohipparion emsliei left M1 and M2

9. Nannippus aztecus right p3 or p4
10. Nannippus aztecus canine

11. Equid canine

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