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Fossil or not?

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Hi forum,

sorry it's me again :)

I was in omhden (DE) about 4 months ago and among the already digged and cracked stones i've found this strange speciment. It's a complete flat surface, very regular with a strange spoon-shaped prominence in the middle. It looks also like it has a scale-shape lucid black piece next to him. I thought this was enough to take it, also considering that i'm not an expert and i know i can ignore a ton of unprepped super pieces also if i grab them by my hands.


I don't have any idea if this is just a blank rock or it can hide something good. I need your help to identify it ;)

In my unexperienced mind it could be some sort of unprepped .... something?

photos are taken in artificial light, i can give you some sunlight photos if you nedd but there is not a lot to see except the shape, i think...

there are some ammonite and other small life impressions on the surface, so the layer should have been the correct one to contain fossils


Thanks a lot









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val horn

there arealot of things it could be or not.  what was the age of the fossil lormation

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The shiny black item could be a scale or a shell. I think the bulge in the item is just the way the rock fractured, leaving that bulge.

I'm guessing the area is probably Jurassic in age?

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thanks for replies. The quarry is 180 million years old


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I'm familiar with that quarry and am tending to agree with what Tim has written. One way to find out for sure if there's anything worthwhile in there would be to apply an air abrader to it.

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