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Matoaka Beach MD

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Hello,  my 6 yr old has shown some interest in geology and fossils so we went on a day trip to fossil hunt at Matoaka Beach in Saint Leonard, MD. We found a few things on the beach that we wanted to give her more information on to help fuel her interest. My husband and I are clueless about this stuff,  so just wanted to ask if anyone had some interesting little tidbits about the attached pictures that we could share with her.  Thanks in advance!





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Tidgy's Dad
Posted (edited)

The one bottom left is a crab's claw. 

And the shell seems to be a turritellid gastropod. 

I think the tooth with serrations is Hemipristis serra. 

Hello, and a very warm welcome to TFF from Morocco. :)

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Yes, bottom left is fragment of a crab claw 

The shell looks like a Turritella gastropod shell (marine snail)

The tooth in the middle  (with serrations) looks like Hemipristis serra (snaggletooth shark)

Tooth on the right I'm not sure, looks a little like a lemon shark tooth but I've never seen one jet black like that

Bone looks a modern vertebra, possibly food-related judging from the clean cut on it?


All fossils except for the bone. Good finds for a first go! Keep it up!

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Thank you both so much! I'll pass this info on to my daughter,  she will be excited to learn more! And I think I'm going to have to do some learning myself so I can help her hunt! I appreciate your time and help.

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