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Penn Dixie

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Hi Everybody,

I am heading to penn dixie this Sunday and had a couple of questions. I have perused the website but I still do not have a clear understanding of what to expect.

What tools do you recommend bringing? Are we going to be splitting shale or surface collecting? Is there a specific spot to collect or can you roam the area? Any tips to find some good trilobites?

Thanks guys, I just want to be prepared. :)

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Hello Baybay!

A little of both, surface collecting, and digging.

I usually bring a rock hammer,... bucket, and pry bars, and whatever you are going to be putting your fossils in.

Bring newspaper for fragile fossils. Also bring plenty of water and sunscreen, and bugspray. It's HOT out there!!! A large brimmed hat would work, too. Oh - don't forget the gloves!!!

You can surface collect for horn corals, brachiopods and trilobites. Or you can dig into the side of gulleys created by rain and what not. ... They usually turn over some new stuff with a bulldozer, every few weeks.

You can wander anywhere - It's all good. :) If you dig, then you are prying up layers of shale that you can split further.

Check it out on google earth - at these coordinates:

Latitude: 42°46'38.68"N -------- Longitude: 78°49'55.36"W That will give you an idea of what you're up against. ;)

There are certain areas for certain types of fossils, ... ask the staff - they are real helpful.

I had luck going past the pavillion on the left, near a large bush, for trilos. Also if you walk down the stream in the far right hand corner, some good stuff in there!

Good luck and let me know if you need any other advice.

Regards, and best of luck,...

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