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Fossil Park Sylvania

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Fossil park is a very uniqe dig. The mound you dig through is routinely dropped in fresh from the quarry a mile south where they do not appriciate fossil hunters ;) It is changed out roughly monthly during the operational months. You get no metal tools and about 5 tons of material to be shared out to anyone who visits that month. Even so it's one of the best area's I have found around Toledo to fossil hunt.

You can find Pharacops rana upto 2" flat have come out while I was there. Lots of brachiopods and crinoid stems etc. Noduals of Pyrite and Pyrite coated fossils are not at all uncommon. Seems to depend on how long the pile has been picked through for how good a find you will have.

The person from the park service will enforce the no tools rule btw and has no sence of humor about the difference between no metal tools and any other kind of tool. Bring a toothbrush and bucket to wash fossil finds and a mat for you trunk you can take home some of the larger rocks to break up at home if you see something worth the haul.

There are portapottys on site and usualy water in a tank at the dig site.

Overall impression is mixed I've had the bad luck to arrive three times to a pile that'd been picked through for weeks, after the two hour drive... If you get there on a new pile and spend a while you'll see that whoever does the selecting of the material does an outstanding job and usualy hits a great spot. The park help (one or two park employees are usualy on site) are not paeleontologists but are usualy very helpful with what you find and do a good job of maintaining a friendly environment at the park.

The park has a limited schedual so here is the link to their website


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