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The Joe Gallo (aka. Fruitbat) Memorial Document Library - Table Of Contents


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General Papers on Paleontology


USGS Monographs (1882-1915)


Fossil Identification - General




 Kingdom incertae sedis


Kingdom Eubacteria - Stromatolites and Thrombolites


Kingdom Fungi


Kingdom Plantae - Plants


Kingdom Animalia - Animals


Fossil Invertebrates


Phylum Uncertain - Cloudinidae, Dickinsoniidae and related forms


Phylum Foraminifera - Forams and Fusulinids

Phylum Porifera - Sponges

Phylum Bryozoa - Moss Animals


Phylum Phoronida - Horseshoe 'Worms'

Phylum Cnidaria - Corals, True Jellyfish, Anemones, Conulariids and Their Relatives

Phylum Annelida, Phylum Chaetognatha, Phylum Priapulida, Phylum Sipuncula and Others - Fossil Worms

Phylum Echinodermata - Crinoids, Echinoids, Starfish and their Relatives


Phylum Brachiopoda - Lamp Shells


Phylum Mollusca


Phylum Onychophora - Velvet Worms and Lobopodians(?)

Phylum Arthropoda

Subphylum Chelicerata - Spiders, Scorpions, Eurypterids, and Their Relatives

Subphylum Crustacea - Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimp, Barnacles and Their Relatives

Subphylum Hexapoda- Insects and Their Relatives

Subphylum Myriapoda - Millipedes and Centipedes

Clade Xandarellida - Stem 'Trilobites'

Subphylum Trilobitomorpha - Trilobites

General Arthropoda


Phylum Vetulicolia

Phylum Hemichordata- Acorn Worms, Graptolites and Their Relatives


Phylum Chordata


Invertebrate Chordates - Cephalochordates, Tunicates and Their Relatives


Subphylum Vertebrata - Animals with backbones


Class Conodonta

Superclass Agnatha - Jawless Vertebrates

Infraphylum Gnathostoma - Jawed Vertebrates


Classes Placodermi and Acanthodii - Armored Fish and 'Spiny Sharks'

Class Sarcopterygii - Coelacanths, Lungfish and Their Relatives

Class Actinopterygii - Ray-Finned Fish


Class Chondrichthyes- True Cartilaginous Fish

Chondrichthyes (by period) and General Elasmobranchs


Superclass Tetrapoda


Class Amphibia- Salamanders, Frogs and their Relatives

Class Reptilia


Superorder Crocodylomorpha- Alligators, Crocodiles and their Relatives

Superorder Ichthyopterygia- Ichthyosaurs

Superorder Lepidosauria - Tuatara, Lizards, Mosasaurs, and Snakes

Superorder Sauropterygia- Plesiosaurs and their Relatives

Order Pterosauria - Pterodactyls and their Relatives

Order Rhynchosauria

Order Testudines - Turtles

Order Thalattosauria


Clade Dinosauriformes - Dinosaurs and Sister Groups


Order Ornithischia - 'Bird Hipped' Dinosaurs

Order Saurischia - 'Lizard Hipped' Dinosaurs

Suborder Theropoda

Suborder Sauropodomorpha


Silesauridae and Other Non-Dinosaurian Dinosauriforms


General Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Extinction and Paleocene (?) Dinosaurs


Other Reptiles - Phytosaurs, Aetosaurs, Choristodera and Drepanosauromorpha


Class Aves - Birds


From Dinosaurs to Birds


Class Synapsida - Stem Mammals/Mammal-like Reptiles



Class Mammalia - Mammals



Ichnofossils - Trackways, Coprolites, and Other Trace Fossils (Including Eggs)


Taphonomy - Fossilization and Fossil Formation


Faunas, Localities and Stratigraphy

North America

Central/South America and the Caribbean


Africa and the Middle East


Australia/New Zealand


Excavation, Preservation, Preparation and Imaging Techniques

Special Volumes

  • Cenozoic Mammals of Land and Sea: Tributes to the Career of Clayton Edward Ray. Emry, R.J (ed.), 2002.
  • Avian Paleontology at the Close of the 20th Century: Proceedings of the 4th International Meeting of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution, Washington, D.C., 4-7 June, 1996. Olson, S.L. (ed.), 1999.
  • Geology and Paleontology of the Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina. III. Ray, C.E. and D.J. Bohaska (eds.), 2001.
  • Geology and Paleontology of the Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina. II. Ray, C.E. (ed.), 1987.
  • Geology and Paleontology of the Lee Creek Mine, North Carolina. I. Ray, C.E. (ed.), 1983
  • Collected Papers in Avian Paleontology Honoring the 90th Birthday of Alexander Wetmore. Olson, S.L. (ed.), 1976.
  • Paleozoic Perspectives: A Paleontological Tribute to G. Arthur Cooper. Dutro, J.T., Jr. (ed.), 1971.
  • Advances in Trilobite Research. Rabano, I., R. Gozalo and D. Garcia-Bellido (eds.), 2008.
  • Fossil Fish Studies. Chorn, J., et al., 1978
  • Methods in Preparation. Brown, M.A., J.F. Kane and W.G. Parker (eds.), 2009.
  • Shorter Contributions to Paleontology and Stratigraphy. Sando, W.J. (ed.), 1988.
  • Ordovician of the World. Gutierrez-Marco, J.C., I. Rabano and D. Garcia-Bellido (eds.), 2011
  • Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary in Northeastern Oklahoma and Northwestern Arkansas. Sutherland, P.K. and W.L. Manger (eds.), 1977.
  • Carboniferous Geology and Biostratigraphy of the Appalachian Basin. Greb, S.F. and D.R. Chesnut (eds.), 2009.
  • Papers from the Geological Curators' Group Seminar on The Commercial Trade: Ethics Versus Science - The University of Manchester, 23 May 2001. Nudds, J.R. (ed.) 2001.
  • Making Tracks Across the Southwest. Reynolds, R.E. (ed.), 2006.
  • Recent Advances in the Study of Neogene Fossil Birds. Ornithological Monographs Number 44, American Ornithologists Union, 1990.
  • Searching for the Pliocene: Southern Exposures. Reynolds, R.E. (ed.), 2012.
  • Fabulous Fossils - 300 Years of Worldwide Research on Trilobites. Mikulic, D.G., E. Landing and J. Kloessendorf, 2007.
  • Neanderthals Among Mammoths. Excavations at Lynford Quarry, Norfolk. Boismier, W.A., C. Gamble and F. Coward (eds.), 2012.
  • Geology and Vertebrate Paleontology of Western and Southern North America, Contributions in Honor of David P. Whistler. Wang, X. and L.G. Barnes (eds), 2008.
  • A Burgess Shale Primer: History, Geology and Research Highlights. Caron, J.-B. and D. Rudkin (eds.), 2009.
  • Elasmobranches et Strategraphie. Herman, J. and H. Van Waes (eds.), 1993.
  • Special Issue: Recent advances in Cambrian to modern cephalopod research I. Klug, D., et al. (eds.), 2015.
  • Cephalopods Past and Present. New Insights and Fresh Perspectives. Landman, N.H., R.A. Davis and R.H. Mapes (eds.), 2007.
  • Progress in Echinoderm Palaeoecology. Zamora, S. and I. Rabano (eds.), 2015.
  • Sauropod Gigantism: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach. Farke, A.A., et al. (eds.), PLOS Collections.
  • Fossil Record 5. Sullivan, R.M. and S.G. Lucas (eds.), 2016.
  • Middle and Late Pennsylvanian Chronostratigraphic Boundaries in North-Central Texas: Glacial-Eustatic Events, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology. Part II: Contributed Papers. Boardman, D.L., et al. (eds.), 2016.

Special Volumes - National Park Service

  • National Park Service Paleontological Research Volume 4. Santucci, V.L. and L. McClelland (eds.), 1999.
  • National Park Service Paleontological Research Volume 3. Sentucci, V.L. and L. McClelland (eds.), 1998
  • National Park Service Paleontological Research Volume 2. Santucci, V.L. and L. McClelland (eds.), 1995.


Archaeology - Human Artifacts

Fossil Collecting and Collectors - Stories, Journals and Logs

Fossil and Artifact Collecting - Management, Laws and Regulations


Fossil Fakes, Composites and Pseudofossils

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Have to say Thank you!!!, for this increadible research source. I've actually gotten the "are you going to do anything today" look from my wife a few times because of these articles.

So I say again, Thank you!!

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Definitely my pleasure! I'm glad to hear that people are getting some benefit from this!


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Thank you Joe.... your pdf library is just fabulous... thanks for sharing!!!


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I couldn't agree more! :)

Thank you for putting in so much time on this!

This is quite an undertaking that many members have benefitted or will benefit from.

Thank you again for doing such an awesome job on this library!:D


Warm Regards,

Edited by Fossildude19
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Thanks a lot for all your PDF files. You have a very interesting list of documents.


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Uncle Siphuncle

Hey Joe, your contribution is perhaps the largest, most useful and magnanimous gift to Forum members. Thank you for helping us to help ourselves.

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It's absolutely my pleasure. I'm beginning to enjoy the hunt for the papers almost as much as I enjoy reading them.


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Hey Fruitbat (nice name, by the way)...

I just found this whole list. Nice work. I think those of us out here who might have a pdf or two lying aorund should send them to fruitbat so he can add them to this. I have met some grad students who have truly impressive pdf collections on their computers, as in thousands of pdf's. But those are not available to just anyone. It would be cool if we could build such a database here. Who knows, maybe it does exist somewher on the web. All my pdf's (not many) are on my work computer, but I do this FF stuff at home, so maybe osmeday I will send you a few from work.


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I've always thought that the most important thing that a scientist can do is to make his/her work available to the public. So much of the important literature is kept hidden away from the "interested amateur"...either in dusty, moldy libraries or behind a 'pay to view' commercial web site.

I welcome the submission of any pdf files that are available out there...providing that no copyright laws are violated. Like some of the graduate students you mentioned, I have a significantly larger pdf library in my personal collection than I've made available on-line. Unfortunately I cannot post links to many of the articles because they would violate the author's copyright. As I'm sure you've already noticed...virtually all of the links I've posted are to papers that are freely available on-line.


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Way to go, Joe :default_clap2:

I feel lucky with your helpful library available.:megdance:

A hearty thanks for your really great and generous offer :bow:

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  • 2 months later...


My pleasure! Hopefully you found some of these articles useful.


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Magnificent work, a great load of documents there. Well done, it helps a lot. :D

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Done...in the Ichnofossil section. Thanks for the heads-up!


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grampa dino...as always, it is my pleasure!


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YAY! 10,000+ views! Of course...probably 9,998 of them are from ME editing this crazy thing! :blink:


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The formatting of the Table of Contents page for Fruitbat's PDF Library is temporarily (I hope) messed up due to an apparent problem with the forum software. MOST of the links still work correctly but may not be in the appropriate place. I apologize for this problem. The system admins are working to get it remedied as soon as possible.


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Still no progress on repair of the Table of Contents. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to try to re-create it completely but that is NOT a task I'm looking forward to! I will continue to post updates in the individual sections where appropriate.


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Thanks for all of your hard work. I've made good use of your pdfs on more than one occasion.


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It's always nice to hear that people are finding this endeavor useful! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!


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Well...I THINK it's completely rebuilt! Hopefully all of the links work correctly. Please let me know if they don't!!


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Subdivided the section on Cephalopods due to size limitations.


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