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Any Advice On Best Sites In Sw Ohio?


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I have a friend in Cincy that I'll be visiting in early November, after a little research I was impressed to find that there are lots of good fossil sites in SW Ohio. I'll only be there 2 days so I need to do a little prioritizing, does anyone know which of the following sites are the ones that we should definitely not miss, and which ones are the most missable?

- Cowan Lake

- Caesar Creek

- East Fork

- Stonelick

- Georgetown

- Hueston Woods

Or any other sites in the area you might be able to recommend (the Fossil Park in Sylvania is too far away for me).

I'm traveling with my kids (age 9 and 7) and will be bringing my 22oz rock hammers with me, but other than that we'll be traveling pretty light so we can't do anything too demanding...

All advice is appreciated!!!

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Search the forum for recent posts on Ohio. There are a few other suggestions, although 2 days doesn't leave you with much collecting time.

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