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Camp Horne Road


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In Allegheny County I279S, I hear this is good for marine fossils. Has anyone looked here? Who do I ask to be granted permission to search here?

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If it's a public highway then you need no special permission to collect from the road cuts. Just make sure you park well off the highway and don't dislodge any rocks onto the road. You might get a visit from the cops but they are probably just curious as to what your up to. They could ask you to leave tho and if that is the case don't argue. Sometimes the police don't want people on the right of way of the highway.

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You posted this quite a while ago but...

I have gone there. I went behind the limestone quarry and looked at shale but nothing tooo interesting there. I also went into a creek bed where there were huge boulders of tiny horn coral and other small shells. There were some more boulders on the other side of the road. I parked at the Animal Friends and accesed the creek there.

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