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Early Season Searching


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I am new to this site, but I am desperately searching for a place in Wyoming or Colorado to take my father on a dig. We were excited to head out with the Ulrich group in Kemmerer, but as it turns out, the quarry is not yet open due to snow. I am here visiting only until Thurday this week so I am looking for a site (paysites are just fine) where we can go and dig for fossils..can be plant/inverts.

Thanks so much!

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Will you be here on Thursday, or are you leaving on Thursday? I am taking a few FFers fossiling in eastern Wyoming on Thursday. It is probably an eight hour drive from Kemmerer. I'd have to ask the landowners if I can bring more folks out.

If you can find a copy of Rockhounding Wyoming (Falcon Press) there are good directions in there for Turitella Agate south of I-80, much closer to Kemmerer. There is also Eden Valley and Blue Forest petrified wood. Google these and you will find directions. They are also in SW Wyoming.

PM me if you need to.

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Does anyone have an recommendations for green river formation quarries in western wyoming

me and a fossil forum member are in salt lake for the next 5 days because he finished up his masters thesis work early and our flight back to Wisconsin is not til monday morning

i know alot of the quarries charge and they also pick over your finds, only letting you keep the 6 or so genera of common fish

we have a four wheel drive vechicle and are looking for some fun while we are out here

any help would be appreciated through pm or as a reply

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