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Something I've never understood is how they can find bones, teeth, or tracks in almost every state that borders West Virginia, but they've never found anything associated with dinosaurs in the state.

I guess it's the type of rock, but it's still weird.

Has no one ever dumped dinosaur-bearing rocks in the state, or have no glaciers?

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It could have been there at one time and moved with the help from all that ICE

Or as up here, it's still there just buried up more dirt and rock.

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How much Mesozoic terrestrial sediment is there in WV? No dinos in Paleozoic nor Cenozoic rocks...

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Actually, there is a very VERY tiny sliver of exposed Mesozoic rock, down in the lower corner of Pendleton County (it continues over from that of Virginia). However, WV has yielded no Mesozoic fossils whatsoever. (My theory is they got pushed underground somehow, because my friend's dad is a coal miner, and he said they had to tunnel through Mesozoic rock a few times.)

-Mr. Fossil

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