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That Ain't Amber, But Maybe A Fossil?

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Hi -- I look my young son to the clay beds in Sayreville, NJ this weekend to look for amber (or, most hopefully, something in amber). We left with just a few pebbles. But in some gravel at the site, he pulled out what he was *convinced* was a shark tooth.

While I initially dismissed it as a rock, my son -- who at 7 is pretty up on his game -- made a convincing case for further analysis. There's an enamel-like substance on the "top" side, with a smooth, rounded back, and there appears to be dark fossil remains where the "root" would have been. I haven't tried to clean the clay off of it, (nor am I sure its possible, or even if its clay and not, you know, just a rock).

Here are the pics:





I don't know where Sayreville, NJ would fit in NJ fossil hunting eras. We usually do the Big Brook/Ramunessen Creek thing here in NJ, and are used to some late Cretaceous finds. And though I know the Sayreville site was a quarry and has a history of some fossils, I was under the impression it was primarily plant, shells and imprints found there. Oh, and rocks.

Anyway -- thanks for any help with this!

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I don't see anything that is even close to being shark tooth like with that one.

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Lettuce 1001,

Welcome to the Forum! :)

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing anything that would suggest this is a fossil. :(

Looks like an odd piece of gravel to me. :unsure:

Keep looking though! ;)

Welcome, again!


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