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Is This An Egg? Maybe A Tooth?


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Guys, sorry I didn't get anything in the pics to show size. this is about 2.5" x 2" at the most. Anyhow, looks like an egg to me, it is made out of rock. Found near Chattanooga. The red looking stuff on it is clay.







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so i need to keep looking for kevinsaurus rex? :-)

thanks guys for the fast response, glad this forum is out here, we will keep our eyes open!

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Many of us when new to the hobby have found "Mother Nature" creations which

reminded us of familiar objects. Round concretions (egg shapes) are the most common.

Informative link: Click Here

Wiki (concretion): Click Here

Mother Nature is a well known artist with a sense of humor :)

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concretion after pholid or clavagellid clam? Haven't seen a pholid (burrowing clam) that large. They are sometimes preserved like this with a bit of the burrow or breathing space attached. Was going to suggest breaking the internal part out to see if it looks like a clam steinkern but it looks too round to me. Have seen somewhat round ones in lignified wood. You might try this if you don't care about the concretion.

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I can take you to a cliff that is full of those. Chert nodules that look like a big egg. I am a bit north of Chattanooga by about 90 miles.

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