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Penn Valley Park Stratigraphy


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Hey folks,

Hoping someone (not just looking at you Missourian, well kinda :) )could help identify the stratigraphy of an exposure in KCMO...it is the cut along Penn Valley Drive, between 27th and 29th street - it does extend south to 30th. Essentially it is on the west side of the Liberty Memorial. Pretty soon this area will be closed off for construction and will be accessible, and I am curious if it might be worthwhile to explore. Sorry for the cruddy photo!




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I am guessing that the limestone is part of the Iola formation, but i have checked that spot and i didn't find anything worth collecting. If you haven't picked it up, there is a new book out by Professor Richard J. Gentile who is the Professor Emeritus at UMKC, entitled " Rocks and Fossils Of The Central United States With Special Emphasis On The Greater Kansas City Area " it can be found at various locals in the KC area. You could also join the Kansas Missouri Paleontological Society and you can link to the website on my page. Hope this info helps you out.

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Just found this thread.....

The Chanute and Iola Fms are there, though I bet the Muncie Creek nodules are all picked by now.

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