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Rocks & Fossils Of The Greater Kansas City Area

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Recently published is this New Book entitled " Rocks And Fossils Of The Central United States, With Special Emphasis On The Greater Kansas City Area " by Richard J. Gentile Professor Emeritus Department Of Geosciences University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Published by the University of Kansas Department of Geology and Paleontological Institute special Publication 8.

This book covers Platte, Clay, Jackson, and Cass counties in Missouri and Wyandotte, Johnson, and Miami counties in Kansas. The two intervals of Geologic time covered are (1) the Pennsylvanian period; and (2) the Quaternary period.

Chapter 2 covers the history of the Pennsylvanian period in the central US and in the Kansas City area.

Chapter 3 covers some theorys on the origin of sedimentary cycles(cyclothems) in Pennsylvanian rocks, Glacial Control Theory, etc.

Chapter 8 covers the Pennsylvanian Invertebrates, this chapter is very helpful in identifying the local fossils and it gives you the formations that they are found in as well. This book really helped me out for my display at the recent Gem and Mineral Show.

Chapter 19 covers Pennsylvanian Plants, this is another great chapter for help in indentifying all those plants we find around here.

Chapter 21 covers Pleistocene Vertebrates

Appendix A covers Rock Types

Appendix E covers the Represtative Rock Sections in the Greater Kansas City Area. This part is really helpful in identifying the local Stratagraphic sections and It gives you six different rock sections in the area that you can visit and collect.

This book is a great addition to any library and it is a great aid for people into studying the Pennsylvanian period fossils and rocks as it pertains to the central United States.

This book is available from the University of Kansas http://www.paleo.ku.edu or fine bookstores in your area. If you live in the Kansas City, Missouri area an into fossils then this book is required reading.




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A timely post with the recent influx of Missouri members! :)

Looks like a great book - I'm sure they will appreciate this.

Thanks for posting it.


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Definitely must get this! Thanks for posting.

Although I must add, it's awesome hunting with the guys around here who either already know, or are learning faster than I am. ^_^

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I didn't know about the publication until Grokfish mentioned it in a post. Once he showed me his copy, I had to get it.

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