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Where Are Fossils In Dayton Ohio


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i will be in Dayton ohio for a couple of days arriving tonight and want to know where to look for fossils?

can anyone show me where.

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Hello Beckyb!


This Website mentions only "area roadcuts", and states the area has "Typical Ordovician Faunas" .

That is all that a quick google search turned up.

Search for Caesar Creek Spillway ? on the forum - looks like it's about 45 min. away to the south of you - they allow fossil collecting there. See this PDF. Page 2.

Maybe someone from the area will chime in with some advice. Failing that - you might check road cuts or creek beds in the vicinity. Google maps and Google earth can be helpful with finding likely areas.

Best of luck to you!


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There is a spot I know in Bellbrook, which is South Datyon. On Little Sugar Creek Road close to the town of Bellbrook (you can use Dot's Supermarket as a close reference point for mapping), there is a kids park. Behind the park is a stream - perhaps 'Sugar Creek'? You'll find some horn coral, shells, etc in there pretty much everywhere. Not sure if you can explore up/down stream for anything.

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Do not go to the stream just mentioned. I was there this past weekend, the hunting was not so good, and I got whatever was there.

You might try a new housing development at the NW corner of Rt 48 (Main Street) and Schantz Rd. 1 1/2 - 2 miles south of Downtown Dayton, across the Oakwood City line. Immediately past the University of Dayton.

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Just about any outcrop of the bluish-gray shales and limestones will be the Ordovician stuff. It is generally full of fossils with a few beds being the exception. Take a look at Google Earth or Maps and look for road cuts (But not on I-70, 71 or 75) You are bound to find stuff. I grew up in Huber Heights and East Dayton. There are Early Silurian outcrops in Tom Cloud Park on the southern edge of Huber Heights. They are in the thin band of woods that separates the upper and lower playing fields. In East Dayton I collected fossils in Cleveland Park near the school.

There is a quarry that is now a park in fairborn where you can collect fossils: http://www.ci.fairborn.oh.us/documents/13027OakesQuarryGen_LORES.pdf

And, as mentioned, Caesar Creek Park spillway (near Waynesville) is a classic site and you might get some trilobites too.

Good luck.

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I was in Huber Heights today so i checked out Tom Cloud park and found a few things in the outcrops in the woods.

I then went to Wright Brothers Menorial Park and collected in the rail cut at the north side of the park. Found some nice Cinncinnatian (ordovician) fossils in the main lower section. Then found a pink crinoid rich material in the top part which i assume is silerian (perhaps brassfield?). Nice to get some things from the two time prriods at the one cutt.

I'll try to post some pics.

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