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Turtle (?) Number 2

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I spent a couple of hours on my favorite hillside again this afternoon. We haven't had a rain since the last time I hunted so I went to a different section of the hill that I don't get to very often. Maybe I should start spending more time on this section of the hillside because I found what I believe to be another turtle.

This possilbe turtle is not as well preserved as the Naomichelys speciosa that I had previously discovered (http://www.thefossil...ate#entry332240) as it consists only of some shell fragments and some sections of bone. I also don't believe this find is a Naomichelys sp. as this find shows no evidence of the tubercles that identify Naomichelys sp.

The preservation on this end of the hillside seems to be a little different than the area I normally hunt. My normal area has many seams of "quarts" running throughout it. Both the Osmeroides sp and the Naomichelys sp. that I found were embedded within these seams of "quartz". However, this end of the hillside does not have the quartz and the preservation of this turtle seems to be more in limestone. Because of this, the bone does not have as much of a "spongy" look to it as the Naomichelys speciosa that I found.

Just some of the pieces I recovered:





Let me know your thoughts as to whether this is turtle material or not.

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Looks turtle, interesting puzzle to assemble---Tom

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Uncle Siphuncle

cool finds, not sure how i missed the first one. that's one magic hill ya got there, sir.

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