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My Daughter Wants To Hunt


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I am a physicist by trade and I have a 9 year old daughter that is more interested in stuff that lives or lived millions of years ago... not really my cup of tea unless we can run it through the collider. We are driving from Lancaster by Pittsburgh on our way to Ohio and we would like to make a stop for an hour or two to find something really cool.

In any event ... almost anywhere between Lancaster and Pittsburgh would be great. Ideally the location would be manageable for my 9 year old and she would find something that she could recognize as an accomplishment ... ie a trilobite, a fern or something that is definitely a fossil. Finding something that requires a good deal of research to confirm that what we found was actually a fossil might diminish the excitement I would like to provide for her.

SO, with that wide range of possible locations does anyone here have first hand experience with a location meeting my needs?

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http://www.delminsociety.net/ - Delaware Mineral Society - This would be a great group for your daughter to get involved with. They have a Junior Division and they go out on fossil hunts. You and your daughter should check them out. It's great that she has such an interest. We need more women in the sciences.


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