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Little-Known Site Near Downtown Dayton, Oh (Part 1)

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In 2011 a veteran rockhound (no longer in shape to go on field trips) in the Dayton Gem and Mineral club mentioned this no-name Ordivician site where he’d had a lot of success in the past finding fossils. I’ve visited the site about 5-6 times now and have never been disappointed. It has a constant erosion of horn corals, brachiopods, cephalopods, bryozoans.

As I heard it, at least 20 years ago an entrepreneur bought a hill/hillside plot of land just within the Dayton, OH city limits, less than 2 miles east of downtown.


Just on the edge of a commercial business area.


(looking west)


(looking north from the driveway)

He immediately turned into a small limestone quarry. Within 10 years he ended his business and the quarry has seen little or no activity except for an occasional illegal dumping.


The “Y” shaped quarry is entered by walking up an eroded blacktop driveway. The East “wall” is about 150 yards away,


the Southeast “wall” about 75 yards,


and the South “wall” about 175 yards.

An apartment complex can be found within 50 yards beyond the SE and S “walls”. The far “walls’” base being maybe 8-10 feet higher than where the drive meets the quarry floor. The West side of the quarry is lined with trees sitting atop a 3-6 ft tall hill. The old business district begins just on the other side of the hill.

To be continued....

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Reminds me of a little spot in the middle of KC Ks that I have hunted twice. I have been wanting to get back there as I have found some nice brachs and horn corals there. I don't know if it was ever a quarry but it looks very similar to the pictures you posted! Nice find!

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Kehbe.....it's time you went back.

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