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Iowa Fossil Hunting


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Harry Pristis
Are there any good fossil hunting locations near iowa?

Nebraska and South Dakota are prolific fossil-producing locations! Try the Badlands, but not the National Park nor the Indian reservations, for vertebrate fossils. :shades:

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Uncle Siphuncle

Although I have no specifics, I think you can find cool Paleozoic stuff like blastoids in Missouri and Iowa. The Dakotas and eastern Wyoming produce killer Upper Cretaceous nacreous ammonites in the Pierre Shale, Bearpaw Shale, and Fox Hills Sandstone. Don't forget the Hell Creek fm for Cretaceous dinosaur matl. Unfortunately for many of us fossil collecting is necessarily a game of covering distance.

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Yes, Rockford Fossil Park is excellent or was some years ago! Loaded with fossils..

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Micah Jon

Rivers and streams around warren county I have found some things of interest. 

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I second (actually third) Rockford Fossil Park. I haven't been there myself, yet. But I've seen specimens people have collected from there. Just Google it. The Fossil Prairie Park and Preserve, as it's officially known, is an old quarry that is open to the public. You can walk around and find Devonian fossils scattered on the ground. The fossils I've seen from there are mainly brachiopods and a few gastropods. There is also a book I've recently purchased called Fossils of Iowa: Field Guide to Paleozoic Deposits from 2016 that lists over 150 sites. I can't vouch for most of the sites as I've only gone to one so far. The book uses a system for localizing the sites (Section, Township, Region) that may not be familiar to you, but a bit of Googling can help explain it. So not a strong recommendation. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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