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Help Needed Here.....


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Hi Everyone,

I found this at a strata in Providence ,TN I'm pretty sure its Beekite. I cant figure out if it's only beekite or is it covering something?








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OK ameenah, I'll bite... what is beekite?

Interesting chunk of it anyway.

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Beekite is a pattern of crude silification that results in bulls-eye-like structures, usually seen on fossilized shells, echinoderms etc. One doesn't find chunks of beekite, but rather fossils that have been replaced by beekite. The fossil in this thread is a stromatoporoid, a sponge-like organism that is common in some Ordovician formations in particular.


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agreed, the even rows are characteristic of stromatoporoids.

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Cool! Silica replacement in action! Very nice example of beekite rings, unfortunately this type of replacement usually destroys details needed for specific ids. Definitely a keeper. The fossil itself does have that stromatoporoidish look though.

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