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New Discoveries, Fleming, Ohio


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Hello all, just wanted to share my findings, I was out hunting on our farm a few weeks ago and came across an old creek bed that was dried up, lots of shale, while walking through I found a rock of interest laying in front of me, I picked it up and sure enough it had fossils of ferns. I decided to stop my hunting that day and began going through the rocks along the sides where I found even more fossils. I called up Marietta college talked to a few professors about my findings, they had me bring in my samples and they were amazed of the quality of the findings. They confirmed that they were fern fossils and some leafs and branches as well. They aged them at about 200-300 million years ago and said they are from the Pennsylvanian era. So Looks like I have a new found hobby. For the past few weeks my 2 little boys and I have been going down there about twice a week and we are still finding tons of rocks with fossils. Hopefully I'll find other things besides plants.



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Pennsylvanian plants are what got this little boy into fossils over 50 years ago, when my Father took me to an old strip mine. :)

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Ok these 2 MB pics are killing me who really just uses 2mb pics anymore???? If anyone wants to see my fossil pics jump over to my Facebook page and check out my fossil gallery there.

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I took the liberty of grabbing a few of the better photos from the Facebook page and uploading them here.

Had to play with contrast a bit to get some detail on the pics - these look like faint impressions on sandstone or shale.

Neat finds, and welcome to the Forum. :)





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Pics are not that great just took those with my Iphone, I'll get better ones with my good camera once it stop raining here in Ohio and we actually get some sun.

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