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Hey all, thought I would share some photos with you and get a few questions out. A while back I found a peice of gravel in my driveway that comes from a mine in my area. One of the few underground limestone mines in Iowa, Ames Mine (Martin-Marietta). See the topic tags for the type of limestone it most likely is. Anyhow, most of it is pretty devoid of any fossils, its a gray (mostly oolitic) limestone, some of it dark gray, some of it light. This peice of gravel popped out of the mix, its as far as I can tell a aquatic snail. The outside was beat up so I decided to take it to a grinder and flatten it to bring out the spiral in it. The front gave a pretty nice spiral, and I went to do the back of it, and apparently it got squashed pretty flat. A crinoid stem is there and under the microscope I found some pretty interesting tiny fossils.

The square one seems to be a blue green alga, and a very tiny gasropod in the next. I know that flattening the snail itself ruins all posibility of identification, but I'd have never seen the small ones if I hadn't. Any ideas? Note: the circle of the microscopic images is 2mm. The whole thing is at longest 3cm.

Thanks in advance, you guys rock.

Pun intended.

post-10531-0-85475700-1355283577_thumb.jpg post-10531-0-46413100-1355283584_thumb.jpg post-10531-0-95515800-1355283599_thumb.jpg post-10531-0-36413000-1355283590_thumb.jpg

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The square one is cool and different.

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