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Fish Tooth & Goniophorus

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I got to spend just about 30 minutes on my hillside today on my way home from work.

I found my second Goniophorus. It's not in the best of shape but the coloring was intesting as it came from one of the "red/purple" outcropping areas.


I also found a fish tooth similar to one that danwoehr found during his visit (maybe he'll include it in his November report). This one has an oyster that attached to it.


EDIT: Added different pics of tooth...better lighting today.

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I also found a fish tooth...This one has an oyster that attached to it.

This is a neat fossil! Consider the odds; a spat had to settle on the tooth before it was buried, but burial had to happen fairly quickly to assure preservation...that's a lot of cool for a small fossil!

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Uncle Siphuncle

good work, sir.... and yes our day with you will add considerably to our nov report.

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