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Orsten (Alum Shale) Lagerstätten, Sweden Web Page And Pdf Files

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There is a really nice web page about the 'Orsten' (Alum Shale)

lagerstätten, Sweden at hhttp://www.core-orsten-research.de/00%20about%20us.html

It is full of pictures, information, and downloadable PDF files.

Some web pages are "1. Meaning of 'Orsten' in its original sense"

- http://www.core-orst...#anchor_meaning ; 2. Other Faunal

Components - http://www.core-orst...herfossils.html ; and 3. PDFs

of publications in "Publications on 'Orsten' lagerstätten and

fossils, and related subjects (e.g. arthropods)' -

http://www.core-orst...ns general.html .

Best wishes,

Paul H.

Edited by Oxytropidoceras

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