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More Naomichelys Sp. Pieces

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Due to several issues, I haven't been able to get out lately, and we've had a few good rains to replenish my hillside. I was finally able to make it out to my hillside on Saturday and found more pieces of the Naomichelys sp. that I found last summer.

According to Dr. Walter Joyce, he has identified these as osteoderms:


According to Dr. Joyce, "Only terrestrial turtles have osteoderms nowadays, so this is one reason why I believe Naomichelys to be a terrestrial turtle, not aquatic."

I also found what Dr. Joyce tentatively identified as a "...a heavily encrusted hooked fifth metatarsal, a peculiarly shaped bone in the foot."


Dr. Joyce told me he's still working on the paper on the Naomichelys sp. that was discovered in the Trinity Sands several years ago. He hopes to have the paper published later this year. I'm hoping to get a copy of it once published. Based on the pics he's forwarded to me so far, I'm sure it will be a valuable resource.

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Uncle Siphuncle

i was wondering if u had been haunting your hillside lately...

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These are cool fossils, Sward.

Thanks for posting them - always eager to see what comes down from your hillside.


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