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Fernandina Beach Search Areas & Tooth With Oyster Growth

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We go to Fernandina Beach, FL every year and usually end up searching for teeth at Fort Clinch. Does anyone have any other recommendations in the area? We are going on Thursday. We live on the coast of SC where we find quite a lot of teeth but I have never found a spot on Amelia that yields as many as we find at home.

I did find this tooth last year that is one of my favorites. It has oyster growth on it but I love it because it does.


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Sorry I've never hunted there but have been there a few times and saw some nice teeth that I was told came from dredge material in the St Johns river.Nice mako btw.

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Thanks! I appreciate it. I never find as much as we do here but I always like to look - the mako above is the only nice tooth I've found in the area. I may ask at the fossil shop downtown and see what they say.

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