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Dino Bone Or Fossilized Wood?

AJ Plai

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Specimen A:


Specimen B:


These are from one of those specimens from Fossil Starter Kit that started my collecting hobby as a kid, and I

think its time I would like to pass these among several other specimens in the starter kit plus a few additional ones

on to new beginning collector in my local community. In order to do that, I am putting together my own fossil starter

set so I am going to need to ID each individual specimens in my set but unfortunately I have lost the ID cards for

all of my specimens many years ago. The other specimens in the starter set I can somewhat ID them generally but these

2 particular specimens are, if I remember correctly - one may be a dino bone and another one might be a fossilized wood.

But I could be mistaken and both could be dino bones. I am not 100% sure.

My take is that Specimen A is a dino bone and Specimen B is a fossilized wood but would like to have 3rd party with

more expertise than me help to double check if I am right or not, hehe.

Thx guys!

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No, B is the bone because you can see its porous center (a more dense version of a medullary cavity). A is hard to tell. Could be dino bone, could be wood.

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Would another pic of Specimen A on its side help to ID the piece?


Thx guys appreciate the help :)

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