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Short Trip To Minneapolis Any Fossils In The Area?

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Once again I am heading out as a tag along on a business trip with my wife.

we are going to be in Minneapolis for about 4 days. On 2 of them I will have some free time and would like to do some fossil hunting. This is my first trip to the area and I know nothing about it. Can anyone suggest any good spots within an hour or so of the area where I (a novice) could do some hunting and what (if anything) is to be found?


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Minneapolis sits on Ordovician aged rocks. The most fossiliferous rocks will be the Decorah Shale. I hope you have a couple weeks before the trip, there's still a fair amount of snow cover and the temps are not collecting friendly yet. Here's a link to an article about collecting at Lilydale Park in St. Paul:

Tracking The Trilobite In St. Paul

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