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Where To Look?


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I've already posted this in the general questions forum but thought this might be a better place. Please forgive the redundancy.
I live in central Missouri. (Callaway County) on 6 acres with a creek, (Snyder Creek) and I think a cave or two at the edge of an ancient glacier.

Where would be the best spot for fossil hunting. I'm thinking close to the creek, but in the water, on the banks or???

I see parts and bits all over. Hoping to find something all in one piece someday.

Anyone live close by or know of any fossil hunting groups or clubs in this area?


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Please, which state is "MO" ? I am a foreigner, and I don't read very often "MO" (do you want to write it whole in your profil ?).


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Coco, 'MO' is short for Missouri.

There appears to be Ordovician, Devonian, Mississippian, and Pennsylvanian rocks outcropping in Callaway County. Your bedrock is most likely Ord, Dev, or Miss (or possibly a combination of two). The Pennsylvanian strata would be found higher up in the flat areas to the north away from the MO River. The way I'd approach the rocks on your land is to follow the streams -- large and small -- and search for bedrock being exposed at the cutbanks (like that in your pic). Rocks in the streams could contain fossils that would be readily collected. Relatively fresh exposures will most likely turn up fossils (if present). There may be cases where deeply-weathered rock could be also productive (eg. crinoidal limestone). Finally, any and all rocks are worth checking if they are under your feet. :)

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