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AJ Plai

What Are The Insects In These Baltic Amber Inclusions?

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AJ Plai


Finally I have managed to find ways to take a zoomed up pics of my baltic amber to get a better view of the inclusions inside (trying to angle an iPhone camera on a loupe to get a good pic wasn't an easy task...), though I really have no idea of what they are.

Anyway here are the pics of the amber inclusions:

Specimen A:


Specimen B:


Specimen C:


Specimen D - This one is a tubular amber with a few different kind of inclusions inside:



Specimen E - Another specimen with multiple inclusions:


Last time the pics I posted in my old thread weren't any good to help ID the specimens inside, hopefully this time these pics will do better.

Thx a lot guys :)

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AJ Plai

Oops I missed one more:

Specimen F - A Russian Amber with multiple inclusions:

This one looks to be an ant?


Some more bugs, no idea what they are:


Another unknown bug inclusion:


Many thx.

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