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Sam Park

Southern Alabama near the town of Andalusia, below Point-A Dam on the Conecuh river. Several species of sharks' teeth, several types of fish teeth, even sea snake vertebrae. The site is Eocene.

Near Weiss Lake (formerly the Coosa River before they dammed it and covered up what were apparently very nice outcroppings of Conasauga shale that Walcott collected at) are outcroppings into some neat stuff that spans from the Ordovician right on through to the Devonian. Look for large roadcuts along I-59 in the mountainous. Some nice trace fossils (burrows, trails, tracks, etc.) can be found there, as well as a mish-mash of Paleozoic invertebrates (brachs, bryozoans, crinoid bits, rugose corals, and an occasional piece of a trilobite).

Near Montevalo, a road cut into a shale outcropping, contains numerous well-preserved graptolites on a shale ranging in color from light cream to black. It is accessed from State Road 25, west of I-65. Heading toward Montevalo on 25, at some point on the left will be a road cut that looks at first like it is composed entirely of red clay. Jutting out from the clay will be outcroppings of brownish colored shale, blackish colored shale, and many shades in between. The best hunting seems to be in the brownish colored shale which tends to form squarish blocks.

Near Huntsville, roadcuts going up the east side and near the top of Monte Sano Mountain on Hwy 431 (Governor's Drive) have fossiliferous limestone from the Mississippian. Some are practically made of crinoid segments, with brachiopods, blastoids, and other invertebrates common in the matrix.

Russell County, road cuts on each side of Route 165, 2.3 miles south of the city of Holy Trinity. Mollusks are found from the Blufftown Formation. The Bluffton is also exposed on Route 4, approx.1 mile east of US Route 4 below Coolspring Baptist Church east of Pittsview, on Route 13, 2.5 miles SE of intersection with Route 29, and on Route 39, 0.3 miles south of intersection with Route 165.

Russell County, Route 51, 11.1 miles north of Hurtsboro. Large numbers of Ostrea cretacea are found from the Eutaw Formation.

Russell County, on the road cut on NE side of the intersection between US 431 and Route 165, occasional shark teeth are found within the Eutaw Formation.

Bullock County, road cuts on US 82 from the western city limits of Union Springs to west of intersection with Route 7. Exogyra erraticostata, oysters, mollusk casts, and shark teeth are found in the Cusseta Sand.

Barbour County, in roadcuts along both sides of Route 97, 3.8 to 4.0 miles north of intersection with US 431, NW of Eufaula, oysters, ray, and sawfish teeth are found in the Ripley Formation.

Lowndes County, roadcuts along Route 263 from 0.4 to 3.3 miles south of intersection with Route 21 expose the Ripley Formation. Exogyra costata, Flemingostrea subspatulata, casts of mollusks, oysters, and rare echinoids and ammonites are found.

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