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A Rare Brachiopod From The Silica Shale Of Ohio


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When I was at MAPS, a dealer had a brachiopod in his case that I immediately recognized, a very rare Spinocyrtia from the Silica Shale of Ohio. I'm very familiar with this genus because I have collected many specimens of Spinocyrtia from Hamilton Shales of New York.
Back in the late 70's I had the opportunity to collect fossils from the Silica Shale. Later when I was going through my collection of large spirifer's, I noticed one was very different. It wasn't a Paraspirifer or Orthospirifer and then it hit me that it's a true Spinocyrtia. The "Strata and Megafossils of the Middle Devonian Silica Formation" book published in 1975 illustrates some large spirifers as Spinocyrtia and Mediospirifer, but they were later classified as Orthospirifer. So now there is no true Spinocyrtia illustrated in the book. I have researched private and museum collections hoping to fine another Spinocyrtia and I had no luck. Now over 30 years later I have a second specimen of this rare Spinocyrtia from the Silica Shale.

If any one of you have this brachiopod in your collection from the Silica Shale, please let me know.





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Very Cool. Ive never hunted the silica shale, i wish to get in there soon!

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....Ive seen those-or something very similar( I refer to the last pic on the right side)I dont have one in my stash,but only because I haven found a whole one...only the top or bottom half...and usually it seems to be the bottom half

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