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Took the family down a piece of the Smoky Hill River yesterday, and thought I'd share to show everyone Kansas isn't just flat land with some cool chalk out west. A lot of Kansas has cool stuff to offer, and here is a snapshot of an area close to home.

Primarily to get the kids off of cellphones, I-pads, and Kendalls, etc. I took them out to a river to help them get back to nature. It doesn't matter where a kid is from, get them in a shallow river with cool water on a hot summer day, and they are going to have fun.

We paddled, and drug canoe and kayaks for about 4 hours and saw tons of cool geology, animals, and history.

We saw some cool Dakota Sandstone bluffs, we found some neat minerals, some "cone-in-cone", the boy found a nice buffalo axis vertebrae, my oldest made her dad proud and removed some non-native wildlife from the river with her bow, and we visited some man-made caves that were built as a home back in 1880, along with some old sandstone building foundations. The only thing I could have asked for was a little more water, so there would have been a little less dragging.










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Nice report and pics, Ramo!

Those nature excursions just can't be beat!

The caves are really cool; I never knew those were out there.

And Happy Anniversary!!! :D

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Great report, Ramo!

Nice to see you getting some family time in. :)

Thanks for posting this - nice seeing your kids enjoying the great outdoors.


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Looks like fun! Never Heard of cave-homes near the Smoky Hill before.

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Great pictures. Looks like a fantastic time. You are a pretty awesome dad.

I went to the Farris(?) caves as a kid and always remembered it. I think it they were used as a school briefly according to some of the signs or literature, can't recall. People had some unusual ways of living back then to be sure. I guess you made due with what you had available. Not to hijack your post, but speaking of weird living quarters, have you ever been to Boston Corbett's old abode near Concordia? http://www.getruralkansas.org/Concordia/63Explore/340.shtml

It's just a little dugout now. What a very odd fellow he was and worth reading about. For those that don't know he's the guy that shot John Wilkes Booth.

I have thought about kayaking down the Smoky myself but was concerned about low water levels. I guess you proved it can be done.

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