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High Point Sites?

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Hi all,

Each year I go camping at high point and try to do a little fossil hunting.

I pack a lunch and a few beers and off intro the unknown I go.

Does anyone have any places within 20 miles that "might" be worth the time investigating?

I'm not looking for anyone's prime spot, just a road or trail that I can start on.

(If I can drag the jeep there then I can bring a cooler!)

I only get to look for a few hours once a year so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Last year I was reduced to following stone walls and picking fossils off of them.

You have to wonder what the people who built those walls thought when they found seashells, encrusted in rock, on top of a mountain.



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Google search Trilobite ridge, Montague New Jersey.

It is located near a mineral locality for Water Quartz crystals.

Hope that helps.


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