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Paleozoic Chert Gravel Fossils From Bogue Chitto River, Washington Parish (Citronelle Formation)


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I have been collecting chert gravel fossils from the Bogue Chitto river near Franklinton, LA off and on for the last couple of years. These fossils come from the Citronelle Formation, which is Pliocene in age, and contains mostly unconsolidated sands and silts, as well as rounded chert river gravel which contains paleozoic fossils. The age is poorly known, as far as I am aware, and probably contains fossils of very different age. The most reputable source I have found on the subject was mentioned in an earlier post in the Louisiana section of the forum: (http://www.msgravel.com/assets/1312/Rocks_and_Fossils_Collected_from_MS_.pdf), but I'd be happy to learn more on the subject. According to the link, they range in age from the Devonian to the Mississipian. From my experience, crinoid fossils are the most abundant. Tabulate coral, horn coral, bryozoans, and brachiopods are less common. I have seen trilobites and ammonites from this gravel on the net but have yet to personally find one. I decided to post some of my better finds; unfortunately, I can't find some of my older material, so I don't currently have any bryozoans to show; hopefully I'll find them in a box somewhere and post them eventually. And sorry for the low image quality, I need a new camera :)

The first two pictures are tabulate coral. The next three are crinoids. I will add more pictures in the next post.






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Continuing with the pictures...

The first is another tabulate coral. The second is a horn coral. The third is definitely a shell, I would guess a bivalve but it's very incomplete. The last two are brachiopods.






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Yet more...

The first is a brachiopod. The second is not a fossil, but I think it's worth including one of the agates, because they are also fairly common in the river gravel. I would like to think the third one is a shark tooth, but my more skeptical side thinks it's just a pseudofossil; it is an outline and not 3d, and I can't really see any structure to it. I have no idea about the fourth picture; it looks sort of like a plant seed but that doesn't make any sense, everything else is marine. Let me know what you think!





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Howdy there VDT. I'm a Bogue Chitto river rat myself.

I know that river like the back of my hand.

I've found all kinds of goodies throughout the years.

I will try to get some pics up for ya soon.


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