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From Pipes To A New Plesiosaur Discovey

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A new kind of plesiosaur was discovered in Villa de Leyva, Colombia this morning after the mayor of the town ordered for an archaeological expedition to clear the way for some pipes. This discovery was made by the "National Univerity" of Colombia and will be kept in their own collection for furthering studying the new fossil and soon will release more info. It is known that it's a juvenile, with a "short neck and large head" and again they mention that it's not like the other specimens found in the area.

Here is the link: http://www.eltiempo.com/vida-de-hoy/ciencia/hallan-en-boyaca-un-fosil-de-mas-de-130-millones-de-anos_12955902-4

..... but it's in Spanish only.

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An English news article about this discovery with pictures:

130-million-year old fossil discovered in central Colombia

by Adriaan Alsema, Columbia Reports, July 31, 2013,


Spanish article - http://www.agenciadenoticias.unal.edu.co/ndetalle/article/hallan-fosil-de-mas-de-130-millones-de-anos.html


Paul H.

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