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Anyone Up For Some Fossil Hunting Near Dayton, Ohio


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Hi if anyone is in or near the Dayton, Ohio area and would like to do some fossil hunting this weekend or any other time let me know as i am ready to go hunting at a moments notice.

Just drop me a message and I send you my contact phone so we can go hunting some fossils.

Also anyone know where a good place is in Ohio to hunt for Holey stones (stones with a natural hole)?



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Check out Oakes Quarry Park and Caesar's Creek. The roadcuts near Waynesville and Caesar's Creek contain plenty of Ordovician Critters.

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Hi, I was there two days ago found some small stuff. Now in the back of the spillway (right side from Visitors Center) is a drop off that one might find some interesting stuff. But it a bit dangerous as you could very easy fall off the ledge and go tumbling down to the bottom. The problem with Oakes Quarry Park is you can only go through the tailing pile in the back. I thinking the back Holes Creek which is an interesting area. As most of the limestone that was used to build the houses from the area was recorved from this area.

Anyone know the location of the lost Antioch quarry in Yellow Springs Ohio? I have looked for it but still have not found the exact site.

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