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I am going up to PA for a few days on a business trip and wanted to know if there are any well known fossil sites around the Harrisburg or Philadelphia area, or anywhere in between. I have not done a bunch of looking on the net yet, and I figured I would start here. I know north Texas sites, but I have never been to PA.



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St.Clair PA is about an hour or so north of Harrisburg. And about 30 minutes south of St. Clair is Deer Lake, PA. You could do a loop if you have a free day from Harrisburg to St. Clair to Deer Lake and back to Harrisburg.

St. Clair has the famous Carboniferous white ferns on black shale.

Deer Lake has Devonian marine fossils.

Beltzville State Park has Devonian fossils as well, and is about an hour and a half north of Philly.

Big Brook in Holmdel NJ is about an hour and a half (not counting in traffic- for all estimations) from Philly, as well, if you're into shark teeth.
Hope this helps.

Hope this helps.

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