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Pre-Cretaceous Fossil Sites In Alaska


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A few months ago, I read an article about a Middle Jurassic ichthyosaur from Alaska (Druckenmiller and Maxwell 2013), which demonstrates that ophthalmosaurids traversed the oceans as far north as Alaska. There's also a record of a Triassic ichthyosaur from Alaska. Other than those two records, does anybody else have records of Mesozoic vertebrates from pre-Cretaceous Alaska?

Patrick S. Druckenmiller & Erin E. Maxwell (2013)A Middle Jurassic (Bajocian) ophthalmosaurid (Reptilia, Ichthyosauria)from the Tuxedni Formation, Alaska and the early diversification ofthe clade.Geology Magazine (advance online publication)DOI: LINK


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I think you should have a look at this book: http://www.iupress.indiana.edu/product_info.php?products_id=155559

Roland A. Gangloff is one of the pioneer of paleontology in Alaska, you might find the answers you are looking for in there.

"In 1961, while mapping rock exposures along the Colville River in Alaska, an oil company geologist would unknowingly find the evidence for a startling discovery. Long before the North Slope of Alaska was being exploited for its petroleum resources it was a place where dinosaurs roamed. Dinosaurs under the Auroraimmerses readers in the challenges, stark beauty, and hard-earned rewards of conducting paleontological field work in the Arctic. Roland A. Gangloff recounts the significant discoveries of field and museum research on Arctic dinosaurs, most notably of the last 25 years when the remarkable record of dinosaurs from Alaska was compiled. This research has changed the way we think about dinosaurs and their world. Examining long-standing controversies, such as the end-Cretaceous extinction of dinosaurs and whether dinosaurs were residents or just seasonal visitors to polar latitudes, Gangloff takes readers on a delightful and instructive journey into the world of paleontology as it is conducted in the land under the aurora."

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There is a Triassic reptile... but I am not at liberty to say anything until it gets published. Trust me, though. It is really cool. And some other ichthyosaur remains from that state.

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