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Today I went to lawrence to look for fossils in the heebner shale and found some fossils but a few i dont know what they are. I heard about conodont fossils there but thats about it. If you know what they are then please reply. Thanks post-11683-0-15861400-1382234826_thumb.jpgpost-11683-0-62938300-1382234948_thumb.jpg Here it is again with measurement post-11683-0-11380800-1382235452_thumb.jpgpost-11683-0-48123900-1382235473_thumb.jpg

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Too large to be conodonts ... Conodonts are micro-fossils

Conodonts on the head of a pen Link


Conodont ... minute toothlike fossil composed of the mineral apatite (calcium phosphate); conodonts are among the most frequently occurring fossils in marine sedimentary rocks of Paleozoic age. Between 0.2 mm (0.008 inch) and 6 mm in length, they are known as microfossils and come from rocks ranging in age from the Cambrian Period to the end of the Triassic Period.

Image search "Conodonts" Link

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