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Giant Sauropod Found In Xinjiang, China

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Here's an interesting article about a giant sauropod found in Xinjiang, China:

http://www.dradio.de/dlf/sendungen/forschak/2267836/ (in German)

Xinjiangtitan is truly a giant for its time, with a length of about 100 feet long, far bigger than Bellusaurus and Klamelisaurus (also from the Wucaiwan Formation [=lower Shishugou Formation] of Xinjiang]). Therefore, it's clear that gigantism in sauropods existed 20 million years before Supersaurus and Diplodocus hallorum lumbered through the floodplains of western North America as the largest-ever sauropods of Late Jurassic North America. I'd be curious to see if Xinjiangtitan is as big as the largest Alamosaurus specimen described by Fowler and Sullivan (2011).

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