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I went on a little road trip with my brother for non-fossil related purposes. So I didn't take my camera or gear, but lo and behold, on the way he said, "There's a road cut I want to show you if you want to take a look at it."

Oh well. I'm sure I'll make a trip back to it. Turned out to be pretty productive, not to mention it's right next to a construction quarry. I took down info, so I'll make a pitch to them. :fingers crossed:

Upper Pennsylvanian

Virgilian Series

Shawnee Group

Oread fm.

Size range is 2 - 2.5cm.

They all seem to have grown from a central stem, not unlike a mushroom as seen by the larger one still attached to the matrix.


Top view of typical specimen:


Bottom view:


Micro views:

Top post-5130-0-64534800-1388469713_thumb.jpg Bottom post-5130-0-09404100-1388469748_thumb.jpg

Bottom variation post-5130-0-13131900-1388469772_thumb.jpg

Other organisms found at the site include:

Brachiopods- Hustedia, Composita, Chonetid, Meekella.

Crinoid, Cephalopod, Horn Coral. There was also a nice Syringopora coral, but needed tools to collect it. (Or at least the camera for a picture)


Thanks for the help!

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Those Virgilian bryozoans sometimes build some neat little structures. It looks like they were trying to expand their real estate above a soft substrate.

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... Virgilian bryozoans

Thanks for verification. :) I was pretty sure, but it is a structure I haven't seen yet.

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