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For those of us who live in or plan on visiting the "wild west" (USA), the interactive map on www.geocommunicator.gov may be a useful tool in your explorations. The site allows for the overlaying of BLM use (yellow squares of wilderness bliss :) ) boundaries onto road, topo and aerial maps! How cool is that?

Upon opening the site, select "interactive maps".

The map's upper tool bar lends the opportunity to zoom in and out, pan, label and identify areas by Lat./Long or UTM. You can even convert your map to a PDF and print! (though I will admit 'tis not as detailed as I would like)

To the right of the screen, you will see folders that can be selected (checked).

Under "base maps" you can choose your map of choice...road, topo or aerial. (these can also be selected by choosing the appropriate toggle at the bottom of the screen)

Selecting the folder "Surface Management Agency" will overlay the BLM use for the map. (the opacity of the yellow can be adjusted at the bottom of the screen)

Selecting the folder "BLM Administrative Areas" will identify the BLM field office that oversees the land.

I am positive there is still much to fiddle with on this site, but nonetheless, it has been a great tool for prospecting. I hope you find useful as well.

Happy hunting,


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